Long-term trainees
Each year, the URLEND training program admits a core group of long-term trainees who complete 300 hours of URLEND experiences. Stipends are provided for long-term trainees.

Professional trainees come from the following disciplines:

Other disciplines may be considered in special circumstances.

Long term trainees also included:

Autism-Enhanced (AE) Training
Trainees who have completed the long-term URLEND training program may apply for the URLEND-AE program to receive increased training related to Autism. Trainees are required to complete 150 hours and receive a stipend.

Medium-term trainees
Medium-term trainees who complete 40-299 hours are also considered for participation in the URLEND program. Medium-term trainees may come from any of the disciplines noted above. Medium-term trainees are not provided a stipend.

For more information on how to apply to be a URLEND trainee, please click on the appropriate link below:

Trainee in a professional discipline
Community trainee

Family member or Individual with a disability (coming soon)