URLEND Faculty - Thomas S. Higbee, Ph.D.

Core Faculty - Special Education / ABAPediatrics

Dr. Higbee is a Professor in the Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation at USU and the founder and director of the Autism Support Services: Education, Research, Training (ASSERT) program at the CPD. ASSERT is a state-funded program that provides direct behavioral intervention (applied behavior analysis) to preschool children with autism on the USU campus as well as technical assistance and program development support to school districts throughout Utah. ASSERT is also a training site for undergraduate, masters, and doctoral students. In 2007, the ASSERT program was awarded the Autism Council of Utah's educational "Autism Program of the Year" award. Dr. Higbee has published widely in the area of applied behavior analysis and autism.

Contact info:
Utah State University
Special Education & Rehabilitation
2865 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322-2865
P (435) 797-1933
F (435) 797-3572

E-mail: tom.higbee@usu.edu

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