URLEND Faculty - Duane Yamashiro, D.D.S., M.S.

Core Faculty - Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Yamashiro is currently an Assistant Professor, School of Medicine, Dept of Surgery, Division of Plastic Surgery. One of four dually trained pediatric dentist/orthodontist specialists in Utah; Dr Yamashiro has served on the Primary Children’s Hospital Orofacial/Craniofacial Team since 1984. His professional expertise includes direct patient care and clinical duties, resident training, quality assurance, risk management, curriculum development, and accreditations. Dr. Yamashiro will be responsible for integrating URLEND trainees into the Orofacial/Craniofacial Clinics at PCH. When Dr. Yamashiro served as Medical Director of Pediatric Dental at PCH he requested Pediatric Dentistry be aligned with the URLEND Program and become an integral part of resident education, infusing information about children with ND/RD into their curriculum.

Contact info:
Primary Children's Hospital
100 N Mario Capecchi Dr, Ste 3575
Salt Lake City, UT
P (801) 662-3930
F (801) 588-2660

E-mail: Duane.Yamashiro@imail.org

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