Amanda Snyder, Health Administration


As an individual who is intrinsically motivated to grow, I have utilized my flexibility to become more accessible within the mental healthcare industry. As a front line provider, I have sharpened my advanced skills in communication with patients, healthcare workers and treatment teams to provide optimal patient experiences. My advanced skills in crisis intervention have helped in preventing conflicts and promoting favorable outcomes. My skills have also assisted me with training new employees, assisting hospital admin with outreach projects and being skillful in all areas of the hospital. I prefer work environments in which I feel I'm adding value to the business endeavor, specifically through teaching, mentoring and innovation. I value a close collaboration with my team, room to grow, opportunities for advancement and a variable work day.

My Majoris Masters of Healthcare Administration, University of Utah, Spencer Fox Eccles School of Business

I was born in California, but have traveled a lot due to being raised in a military household. I've lived in Utah since I was 16.

My Interests are Traveling Abroad, Traveling Nationally, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Camping, Manga/Anime/Cosplay, ComicCons,

As for my hobbies, I'm currently writing a trilogy I plan to edit and publish upon graduation. I also love to learn other languages in my free time. If you like going to new coffee shops/tea shops, then hit me up and we can try some new delicious tea/coffee/hot chocolate!

My goal is to find an administrative opportunity in mental/behavioral healthcare because I thrive to increase patient care, hospital efficiency and grow a community among mental healthcare workers. As an aspiring healthcare administrator, I am looking for an opportunity to apply to a fellowship.

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