Natalia Solache, Social Work


I was born in Morelia Mexico on a date alluding to the Mexican Revolution November 20. I immigrated to the United States in the early 1990s after graduating from UNAM as a Social Worker. My early work with the Latino community was in the state of Washington with the rural migrant community and was preparing in different areas of health, education and legal to share their knowledge where the opportunity presents itself, health fairs, meetings for Parents, colleges, community meetings and working groups.

In 2001 I arrived in Utah where I almost immediately became involved with the neighboring neighbor program and am recognized as a volunteer of the year for my intense work for the Latino community in conjunction with my team, thus beginning the founding of United Communities.

Utah Governor John Huntsman, who was drawn to his performance in the Latino community, included him in his team for two consecutive terms. In an effort to learn how to share his work experience to community places in remote areas, he entered film classes at the University of Utah to receive the Documentary Filmaker title, which opened the doors to various opportunities at the festival. Sundance International Film Festival.Upon his departure from work with the governor, County Sheriff James Winder included him on his advisory committee, becoming the first Latina woman to be a member of that working group and in which he is still involved in guiding both the community and the community. Authorities on various issues that
involve law enforcement.

I currently participate in CHOW's, a community group at the service of health education and which is preparing for telemedicine services.

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