Ambreen Khan, Genetics


I am a second-year genetic counseling student at the University of Utah. I grew up in Pakistan and in Toronto, ON. After high school, I left Toronto to go University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC where I received a Bachelor’s degree in dental science. I practiced as a registered dental hygienist in Chicago for 4 years prior to moving to Salt Lake City for graduate school. In addition to working as a dental hygienist, I also helped organize community dental clinics and volunteered with Crisis Text Line as a volunteer crisis counselor. As someone who values empathy and loves science, genetic counseling was a perfect fit. This summer, I completed a pediatrics internship at McGill University, which allowed me to have exposure to the unique challenges that families may encounter when accessing services for their children with neurodevelopmental disabilities. As I strive to be a patient advocate, my aim is to aid in public health efforts that can make healthcare more accessible for everyone. I am looking forward to form collaborative relationships and gain unique insights from other trainees at URLEND on how we can improve healthcare accessibility. When I am not studying, I enjoy traveling, reading, doing yoga and trying new foods.

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