Welcome to the URLEND Program

The Utah Regional LEND, or URLEND, is a LEND (Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and related Disabilities) training program that covers five states: Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and North Dakota. Our program uses state-of-the-art technology to connect groups of trainees across our partner states. Professionals are trained to move beyond discipline boundaries to provide optimal services to child and adolescents with special health care needs. Because families are essential to well-being, this program emphasizes the role of family-centered care in all we do.

URLEND Learning Approach

Each year a diverse set of trainees from numerous disciplines are brought together with faculty and families of children with special health care needs, to form an interdisciplinary learning cohort. The URLEND approach is based on goals and objectives derived from Maternal & Child Health (MCH) leadership competencies. Each long-term trainee participates in three forms of learning: didactic (classroom), leadership, and clinical. Read more about the URLEND Learning Approach, and URLEND Expectations and Definitions, URLEND AE Expectations and Definitions and URLEND Infant Pediatric Audiology (IPA) Expectations and Definitions.

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Former Trainees Say...

"LEND taught me to think outside just my scope of practice and treat my whole patient. I am now better able to think about how I treat parents of my patients and the life decisions and paths they are going through without just junk ping to what I think is best for them based on my clinical expertise."

"LEND engrained in me the need to make appropriate referrals to ensure they are getting appropriate services. Because of my training, particularly with kiddos with hearing loss and/or Autism, I better understand what to observe for and who to make appropriate referrals to."

"LEND gave me the ability to think about more professions when it comes to pediatric patients, which allows me to make better recommendations for my patients. I feel it also improved my family-centered thinking when working with families."

"LEND was the first place to open my eyes to the importance of policy involvement. The discussions with a former lawmaker and families involved in policy and system changes were so valuable during my time with LEND, and it's an experience I've taken with me beyond. Additionally, the most impactful way I've learned to be involved in policy is through my national and local professional organizations. My voice is much louder when joined by these types of groups."

"We are working as a state right now to improve quality of early intervention, particularly for kiddos with hearing loss. Through LEND partnership we are able to obtain and create wonderful videos to support families and early interventionists in providing quality care to kiddos with hearing loss."