ASD Enhanced (AE) Expectations and Definitions

Core Competencies

Trainees will:

Learning Approach to the URLEND-AE Program

  1. Didactic
    1. ASD seminars
    2. Parent directed consultation
  2. Leadership
    1. Interdisciplinary Leadership Project
  3. Clinical Experiences
    1. Clinical settings that serve individuals with ASDs

Time Commitment

URLEND trainees who also have an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) emphasis are required to complete 450 clock hours (300 hours for URLEND and 150 for URLEND-AE). Trainees who successfully completed URLEND previously, but are returning to complete an ASD emphasis are required to complete 150 clock hours. Of the 150 hours, approximately 50 hours will be spent in or preparing for didactic sessions and the remainder will be spent in clinical, research/ leadership activities. Trainees must keep logs of their hours and regularly submit these logs on the URLEND website.

To successfully complete the AE portion of the URLEND training experience, leadership trainees must:

1) Attend seminar sessions

There will be 13 didactic sessions throughout the year. AE sessions will be held on the campus of the University of Utah. If you are a distance trainee you will join through the same distance technology as for general URLEND seminars. All trainees are required to participate in at least 2 parent directed consultations during the year. The complete schedule of AE seminar sessions for the entire year is posted on the URLEND website within the URLEND syllabus. If you are unable to attend a session please inform your discipline coordinator and the AE program coordinator.

2) Complete a leadership project

This is the same leadership project is a required part of your URLEND experience. You will have a “faculty mentor” that is assigned to your group that will guide you through this process. Your group will present the findings of your project during URLEND seminars in April.

3) Engage in appropriate clinical experiences

In addition to URLEND clinical experience requirements there are clinical experience requirements URLEND-AE trainees. These AE Clinics are listed in a table on the URLEND website (called “Autism Enhancement Clinics”). They include sites that offer experiences in the area of ASD evaluation or intervention. The sites were selected to ensure that trainees have interdisciplinary experiences. The clinical sites and experiences were also selected to ensure that trainees have the opportunity to interact with, and provide services to, individuals from infancy through young adulthood. Trainees must keep logs of their hours and regularly enter the hours onto the URLEND website.

Faculty Titles

Core Faculty

Unlike URLEND trainees, URLEND-AE trainees may have “core faculty” that does not share their specific discipline. Your core faculty member will be identified for you at the beginning of the program. This faculty member will provide assistance when needed to select clinical experiences, provide oversight of participation in classroom didactics if necessary, oversee participation in Parent Directed Consultations if necessary, assure program requirements are completed such as the evaluations, self reflection papers, legislative assignments, and will work with trainee to resolve questions and concerns about program in general.

AE Program Coordinator

Dr. Terisa Gabrielsen is charged with oversight of trainee’s experiences within the AE Program including clinical experiences, didactic seminar participation, oversight of trainee requirements for the program, and IDLP development. Except for those issues specifically related to an individual’s discipline, such as genetic counseling or occupational therapy, Dr. Gabrielsen is in charge of oversight of the AE trainee requirements.