URLEND Expectations and Definitions

Expectations of URLEND Trainees

Time Commitments

URLEND Leadership trainees gain knowledge to enhance and integrate their clinical, research, and leadership skills to become exemplary leaders in their fields. Leadership trainees must complete at least 300 clock hours (over 2 semesters) to receive a stipend and participate as long-term leadership trainees. Given the expectations of the URLEND program with its focus on leadership skills, trainees participating at a less intensive level of a time commitment would not be able to complete the didactic, clinical, research and evaluation, and leadership requirements.

URLEND trainees who also have an Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) emphasis are required to complete 450 clock hours. Trainees who successfully completed URLEND previously, but are returning to complete an ASD emphasis are required to complete 150 clock hours.

URLEND trainees with an emphasis in Infant-Pediatric Audiology are required to complete 300 clock hours that include additional didactic and clinical activities.

Other trainees may also participate in portions of the URLEND program at the following less intensive levels but may not be eligible for URLEND stipends:

General Expectations

Interdisciplinary Trainees participating in the URLEND Regional Program (regardless of their time commitment) will be expected to:


Trainees participating in the URLEND Program are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with basic principles of ethical behavior of their discipline during all aspects of their training and adhere to all HIPAA requirements.

URLEND Trainee requirements (Leadership Level)

To successfully complete the URLEND training experience, leadership trainees must:

1) Complete 300 hours of URLEND experiences. Of these 300 hours, approximately 100 will be spent in didactic activities (i.e., Friday seminars, preparing for these seminars, web-based discussions). The other 200 hours will be spent in clinical, research/ leadership activities. Most trainees will need to complete at least 75 hours in clinical activities and at least 75 hours in research / leadership activities. Trainees must keep logs of their hours and regularly submit these logs on the URLEND website. URLEND ASD trainees must complete 450 hours and ASD only trainees must complete 150.

2) Attend Friday URLEND Seminars appropriate to your program. Trainees are expected to arrive on time and leave only after the seminars are over. Trainees must complete all assigned readings prior to the seminar and be prepared to discuss these readings. Some seminars are for all trainees, some are for autism trainees only and some are for audiology trainees only.

3) Complete a Leadership Project. This project will be interdisciplinary in nature and completed in groups of 2-3 trainees. Trainees will be given a set of projects to choose from in the summer before the program begins.

4) Engage with families with children with special health care needs on a regular basis. Trainees are expected to speak with families of children with special health care needs regarding topics discussed in class. Some of this will take place in didactic seminars but trainees are also encouraged to interact with families outside of seminars. Trainees should reflect on their discussions / visits with families and integrate this experience into URLEND classroom and web-based discussions.

5) Engage in appropriate clinical experiences. The interdisciplinary clinical experiences were selected specifically for participation by URLEND Leadership trainees. These clinical experiences include both community-based and hospital-based clinics that provide services to local, regional, and multi-state populations. The sites were selected to ensure that trainees have interdisciplinary experiences with culturally and linguistically diverse populations as well as a variety of special health care needs. The clinical sites and experiences were also selected to ensure that trainees have the opportunity to interact with, and provide services to, individuals from infancy through young adulthood.

6) Participate in at least two URLEND Parent Guided Consultations. Throughout the year there will be several opportunities for trainees to participate in interdisciplinary consultations with volunteer children / families. Trainees will work with mentoring faculty to plan and conduct the consultation.

URLEND Interdisciplinary Components

The URLEND Core Curriculum is composed of the leadership / research, didactic, and clinical components. Each of these components offers carefully designed opportunities for URLEND Leadership trainees to enhance and strengthen their leadership skills. The Core Curriculum is designed to provide multiple opportunities for trainees to be trained in issues they will face in practice such as accountability, outcome-based approaches, family-centered models, collaboration, and interdisciplinary decision-making.