Admission for Community Trainees


Community Trainees are selected based on their leadership skills, learned experiences, demonstrated commitment to improve their own communities, and willingness to apply their knowledge and efforts in the field of disabilities.

A Long-Term URLEND Community Trainee:

Additionally, Long-Term Trainees should possess the following:


If you are applying to be a Long-Term Trainee, the following materials must be submitted as part of your application (you will be asked to upload these documents).

  1. Current CV / Resume
  2. Two letters of support from supervisors or colleagues that address the URLEND criteria with an emphasis on the applicant’s leadership abilities to work with the community.
  3. Copies of your college transcripts (unofficial copies are fine)
  4. Letter of application (limited to 2 pages) that includes information on the following:
    1. Community work (including experiences working with diverse and multicultural populations)
    2. Leadership roles in working with the community
    3. Examples of initiative in community work;
    4. Discussion of previous experience in the field of community work and/or current interest in the field of disabilities.
    5. Discussion of community needs related to youth and families with disabilities and areas for potential improvement;
    6. Leadership goals in the field of community health and/or disabilities.
    7. A description of how the trainee would apply URLEND learnings/resources into his/her community work
    8. A description of time availability to complete required program hours

If you are applying to be a Medium-Term Trainee (40-299 clock hours), please submit the following:

  1. Current CV / resume
  2. Copies of your college transcripts (unofficial is fine)
  3. Letter of support from one colleague or supervisor
  4. Letter of application (limited to 1 page) that outlines your interest in the URLEND program, your availability to attend the didactic seminars, and the number of hours you anticipate completing

APPLICATION DEADLINE: EXTENDED to April 16, 2021 for the 2021-22 year.

Applications may be considered after this date if there are openings in the program. *** UPDATE APRIL 28, 2021: Openings are not currently available; any applications received will be placed on a waitlist.***

TO APPLY, complete the online application.

For further information contact: Gretchen Peacock, URLEND Admissions Chair, at 435-797-0721 or